Introducing the Centre for Material Texts

We are very pleased to announce that, after tough competition within the Faculty of Arts, we have won funding to become the Centre for Material Texts.

Thanks to this funding, we will host a wide variety of events over the next five years, including hands-on workshops, debates, and conferences. We are particularly looking forward to working closely with the Special Collections at the University of Bristol library, and building connections with others interested in book history, book making and printing in the South West, whether from a theory or practice point of view.

The first event to look forward to will be our public launch in late November/early December, where book artist Angie Butler will be presenting her work based on our Making Books in Bristol series. More details coming soon.

If you’d like to get involved with the Centre for Material Texts, or have an idea for an event, please get in touch at arts-books[at]bristol[dot]ac[dot]uk.


About Katie Brown

Katie Brown is a Teaching Fellow in Hispanic Studies at University of Bristol, book-lover and translator.
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1 Response to Introducing the Centre for Material Texts

  1. Jen Goldsworthy says:

    Congratulations! What terrific news!

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