Launching the Centre for Material Texts

Last week was an important one for the Centre for Material Texts, since it saw both its formal and informal launch.

The informal event took place on Wednesday afternoon as a diverse crowd came together to find out more about what the Centre has planned for the coming year. We were very pleased to welcome researchers from departments across the faculty, as well as a number of people from the University Library, Special Collections, and Theatre Collections.

Over tea and cake we shared some of our plans, which include events to mark the culmination of the Making Books in Bristol Project; an InsideArts debate exploring the question ‘What’s the point of libraries?’; and a conference investigating ‘Living Well with Books’.


We were also able to showcase examples of the work we have been doing collaboratively with locally-based book artists: we previewed some extracts from the book currently being made for the Making Books in Bristol project by our resident artist, Angie Butler; and we gave members an exclusive glimpse of an exciting collaboration with Kate Bernstein called ‘Confined to the Library’ – more on that in a later blog!

The following evening, the official launch of the Centre took place. At a reception at Royal Fort House, the Pro Vice-Chancellor Professor Nishan Canagarajah, and Professor Mike Basker, Dean of the Faculty of Arts, introduced the six Centres now hosted by the Faculty: the Centre for Material Texts; the Centre for Black Humanities; the Centre for Environmental Humanities; the Centre for Health, Humanities and Science; the Centre for Medieval Studies; and the Centre for Science and Philosophy.

If you want to find out more about the Centre or want to join our mailing list do get in touch with us at arts-books[at]

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