InsideArts Debate: What are libraries for?

Tuesday 20 February 2018, 6-7.30pm
Great Hall, Wills Memorial Building, Park Street, Bristol

libraryWhat are libraries for? What have libraries been? What are they now? What can libraries be? What should they be?

The debate brings together library users with librarians, researchers, and creative writers to discuss what libraries have meant to us in the past, what they mean to us now and what they might mean in the future.

Confirmed speakers include Philip Kent, Director of Library Services & University Librarian (Bristol), Suzanne Paul, Keeper of Rare Books and Early Manuscripts (Cambridge), Mimi Thebo, Author, Royal Literary Fellow, and Reader in Creative Writing (Bristol).

After our speakers have set out their positions they will be responding to questions from the audience. Please email questions which you would like our panel to answer to by 12 noon on Friday 16 February. We will choose a representative sample to be discussed.

The debate is open to the public and free to attend, but please sign up using Eventbrite or Facebook.

About Katie Brown

Katie Brown is a Teaching Fellow in Hispanic Studies at University of Bristol, book-lover and translator.
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